How do I prepare?

Your responsibility

Prior to your 3 yearly revalidation, you must maintain a portfolio of all the following:

You will need to bring your portfolio to the Confirmation discussion with your allocated Confirmer.

Checklist of Requirements and Supporting Evidence for Revalidation

You must ensure that you read the NMC’s Revalidation via the NMC website – this assists with Tips and Guidelines noted in the boxes below. Requirements and Supporting Evidence:

Maintain a record of practice hours you have completed including:

  • dates of practice
  • the number of hours undertaken
  • name, address & postcode of organisation
  • scope of practice (see tip box on Page 8 on NMC website)
  • work setting (see tip box on Page 8 on NMC website)
  • a description of the work undertaken
  • evidence of those practice hours e.g. timesheets, role profile or job specification

Maintain accurate and verifiable records of your CPD including:

  • the CPD method of e.g. self-learning, on-line learning, course
  • a brief description of the topic and how it relates to your practice
  • dates the CPD activity was undertaken
  • the number of hours and participatory hours
  • identification of the part of the code most relevant to your CDP
  • evidence of the CPD activity (see Guidance sheet 3, pages 44+45 for examples on NMC website)
Notes of the content of the feedback and how you used it to improve your practice. This will be helpful for you to use when you are preparing your reflective accounts. Make sure you do not use any personalised data (see Guidance sheet 1, pages 39-41 on NMC website)
Five written reflective accounts that explain what you have learnt from your CPD activity &/or feedback &/or an event/experience in your practice; how you changed or improved your work as a result and how this is relevant to the Code. You must use the NMC form on Page 47 on the NMC website and make sure the discussion summary does not contain any personal data (see Guidance sheet 1 on NMC website)
A reflective discussion form which includes the name & NMC number of the registered nurse/midwife you had the discussion with as well as the date of the discussion. You must use the NMC form on Page 47 on the NMC website and ensure that the form does not contain any personal data (see Guidance sheet 1 on the NMC website)
You will make these declarations as part of your on-line revalidation application.
Evidence to demonstrate that you have appropriate indemnity in place. Whether this indemnity is through your employer, membership of a professional body or a private insurance arrangement. If your indemnity is through membership of a professional body or through private insurance, you will need to record the name of your professional body or insurance provider.
A confirmation form signed by your confirmer. This form must be the NMC form (see Page 48-50 on the NMC website)

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