Domiciliary Care

This service allows you to live in your own home and receive the personalised care that you need to live life to the fullest. With complete respect for your privacy and dignity, we understand how to help you or your loved one handle everyday needs in a manner that leaves them feeling confident. We can help with bathing, daily grooming, dressing, toiletry needs, and dental care. Domiciliary care, sometimes called home care, is rapidly becoming a popular alternative to residential and nursing care. Domiciliary care enables those with varying care needs (through illness, long-term medical issues or old age) to remain in their own home indefinitely, or for a longer period of time than was previously possible. Home care can be offered in a number of capacities – and the intensity and frequency of visits will depend on individual circumstances and care needs. Some only need intensive domiciliary care for short periods of time, whilst others simply need low-level, long-term care. Domiciliary care, also called dom care, can also be offered to young people, children and adults with temporary or permanent care needs and is not an exclusive service for the elderly alone.

The main advantage of homecare is that it is carried out in a person’s own home, eliminating the need for them to spend large amounts of time in hospital and enabling them to stay in their own home indefinitely, if not for a longer period of time than would normally have been possible before domiciliary care was an option. Domiciliary care involves a trained individual or nurse coming to your home periodically to administer care of some kind. At the basic level, this person provides companionship and helps with everyday tasks, such as cleaning the house and buying food shopping. They may only visit once or twice a week. More intensive dom care may involve a district nurse or healthcare assistant and could be provided several times daily. In this instance medications can be administered, dressings may be changed, blood tests and other observations may be taken. Help with personal care such as washing, dressing and feeding may also be provided.

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